English Declamation

Event- English Declamation

*Class VI – IX

*Date.  – 19-3-2021

Venue – Multiple purpose hall

Time- 6, 7, 8 periods

Rules and Regulations

1. The language of the contest shall be English only.

2. The participants will speak on the given topic

3. The speech will be of 3-4 minutes duration. The time limit will be strictly enforced. First warning bell would be struck at 3 minute. Final warning bell will be given 30 second before the 4th minute.

4. The speaker is expected to memorize their speech and is not allowed to read any part of the speech from the paper.

General rules for marking:

Ser.  Marking criteria.  

1.   Command over subject

2. Explanatory skills

3. Presentation skills

4. Clarity of ideas and Thoughts

5. Confidence level

6. Starting and ending of declamation.