Facilities & Infrastructure

Library: A well stocked school library exists where students and staff has the access to a variety of books. School library has more than 1500 books.

Computer Lab: Computer lab serves as the centre for teaching computers to all classes. A high-tech computer lab with 24 computers (i3-7 generation with window10 OS) where students learns the basics of computers. The whole school has been covered under LAN connectivity.

Laboratories:  A composite lab for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Geography exists with latest equipments.

Sports: Facilities for outdoor and indoor sports/games exists in the school.

Medical facility: There is a well-equipped air conditioned room in the school. The medical room has the capacity of two beds and all requisite equipment required to cater to the medical needs of students and staff. While at school. It helps in providing first aid, health counselling and sporting students to acquire self-management skills.



Dear Parents,
The school will remain closed for summer vacation from 21st June 2021(Monday) to 26th June 2021(Saturday). The school will restart its online classes from 28th June 2021 (Monday) at its usual time.

Thanks & regards
BBPS Solan