About Us

Bal Bharati Public School is Co-educational. It is dedicated to providing world-class educational facilities to the students to ensure the complete development of the children. Bal Bharati Public School encourages the students to take part in various co-curricular activities held in schools such as music, dance, arts, and sports.

Marching ahead with the motto “Every Child, Every Change, Every Day.” The school has entered a new decade completing its journey of first eight years with a strong feeling of nurturing the individual talent. We are determined and promised to provide holistic education. Flying on the wings of education gives creative energy to find an outlet where each child is motivated and reinforced to paint the rainbow of life. The essence of holistic education lies in the development of the whole individual enriched and imbued with noble values and character, an individual animated by lofty ideas and aim.


“Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers,

Where the vision is ten year, cultivate trees,

Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.”